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The Pilates Center of Las Vegas Training Program provides the opportunity for candidates to become highly skilled trained instructors in the Pilates method of body conditioning. The program is classical base and consists of 650 hours of practical training, 12 hrs of practice each weeks during a year period.

Students learn how to teach and to perform the Pilates method in its original form and they will have an understanding of the Pilates Method, including its Philosophy, its purpose and its primary intent of each exercise, the ability to modify the exercises without losing the primary intent, to build a program appropriated for each specific client, to accurately asses clients, to communicate a correction  specific and effectively,  to pace the workout for an effective movement experience.


The student must commit by a contract to enlist in the Pilates Institute for a full year, each month the student will be evaluated to be able to move to the next level or advised to do more practical, theoretical or teaching apprentice hours.
It is not necessary to have previous experience, although if recommended, each student will be treated according to their tide or learning capacity.

The Professional training will consist of all the classic devices:

Mat, Universal Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Arm Chair, Ladder Barrel, Plus, Plus Classic Accessories, which are: Breth-a-cizer, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Airplane Board, and 2X4. Besides the magic circle.

The full cost of this professional training is: $66,000 MXN (Mexican Pesos)
with a monthly fee of $5,500  MXN plus registration of $500  MXN non-refundable.

With tuition, both print and digital manuals are taught, unlimited access to the Library of Tupilates.video for a year, as well as free access to an International laboratory each week, where you will share with students from 5 different countries each Laboratory.

At the end of your graduation there will be job market opportunities as well as international.

Silvina Galar
Silvina Galar

Dirección: Calle 10 #724 Col. San José Cordoba. Veracruz #94650
Tel: (271) 717 4614


  • Private class with Elena Bartley  $10250 MXN
  • Private Class with Silvina Galar $500 MXN

Monthly Packages:

  • 1class a week (4) $1200 MXN
  • 2 classes a week (8) $2150 MXN
  • 3 classes a week (12) $2800 MXN
  • 4 classes a week (16) $3200 MXN
  • Professional Teacher training, ( 1 year) +10 hrs a week $5500 MXN

• Packages of 3 and 4 classes a week include a personalized class per week

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